Maximize the revenue
from your customer base
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How important would it be for you to know how much revenue from your existing customer base is at risk?

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Total Revenue $228,293.410

How important would it be to know your Share of Wallet (SOW) and the growth opportunity within your customer base?

Share of wallet: 44.20%
Potential Spend:

Evalu8r are B2B Voice of Customer (VoC) specialists and will help you measure and improve Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention, and Share of Wallet of your existing customer base.

We will help you develop an upward
customer trajectory path.
  • Minimise your risk and increase customer retention and spend
  • Increase your Share Of Wallet of your existing customer base
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Grow Loyalty and Retention
  • Most importantly of all, increase sales

We specialize in professional, pre-scheduled and unbiased conversations with the voices that matter most – your customer’s key decision-makers.

Our cloud based platform with proprietary methodology is the only one of its kind that monetizes the value of customer relationships

It uses predictive analytics to tell you which customers are at risk and which are secure and why. The ROI for our services is a tiny fraction of the revenue we can help you generate for your company

Your customers have changed.

Have you?

  • In today’s competitive environment, businesses must work so much harder to retain customers and even harder to grow them.
  • Unprecedented times require unprecedented thinking.
  • The impact of the Covid pandemic continues being felt in most industries.
  • The New Normal is a huge big question mark.
  • Your customers businesses and their priorities have changed.
  • Differentiating yourself in this commoditized and uncertain market is a challenge for businesses looking to survive and thrive.


Much more than just a

Key Account Management Tool

While Evalu8r provides huge strategic value, it is essentially the most productive Key Account Management tool on the market.

  • It is customer driven. Each individual customer will basically give you the formula to successfully manage and grow their account in the best possible way.
  • It equips Key Account Managers and their managers with real-time information to help them understand and manage their customers in the most effective manner.
  • It is a tool that should be used enterprise wide.
  • Operations can measure their performance across departments, branches.
  • HR can identify performers and non performers and use it in their learning and development programs. They can also use the information in their Performance Reviews.
  • Finance will have realistic budget projections and risk profiles.
  • Marketing will have invaluable insight into the minds of their customers and their perceptions of the business.
  • Customer centricity, customer focus, customer service and relationships and all the other buzzwords are all too often seen as “soft, intangible things” that are not given enough attention.
    By monetizing them, the entire organization gets to understand that the life time value of their customers is of paramount importance to the survival and growth of the business.
  • Evalu8r is a strategic and operational tool that enables the entire organization to have a better understanding of their customers and the contribution they make towards creating best of breed customer experiences for them.
  • The Monetization of the Customer Relationships is a paradigm shift.

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