Commercial Due Diligence

Evalu8r’s Commercial Due Diligence is a pre-acquisition analyses process that collects both quantitative and qualitative data directly from customers to support the overall due diligence process.

Our proprietary retention and loyalty risk profile is the only one of its kind to monetize the value of customer relationships. It highlights the customers at risk as well as the growth potential.
This will allow you to determine the trajectory of the customer base and give you a clear understanding of the security of the future revenue stream and competitive advantage.
You will get real-time, deep insight through unbiased, substantiated, factual, quantitative reports with extensive, insightful, qualitative information to help you to better predict the future performance and potential for earnings of the business you are acquiring.

You will be in a better position to gauge the company’s commercial attractiveness and decide whether to pursue the deal or not.

At the same time, you will be able to put a more accurate, realistic value to the acquisition.
If you are involved in mergers/acquisitions, strategic disposals, turnarounds, corporate restructuring of distressed entities, capital -raising, then you need to be talking to us.

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